As parents, we are always helping our children on the path that they should go. They need our constant guidance in even the littlest details.
One day, a young child told his mother that his classmate, who was a boy, bit him. The mother told the young child to report to his teacher. The father who overheard the discussion, told the young child to hit the boy who bit him. Puzzled, the mother wanted to know why? The father explained that if the boy who bit their child keeps on biting, and their child keeps on reporting, soon the teachers will become weary of their child and tag him as one who always tattles and they may no longer take their child seriously. He emphasized that their child needed to learn to stand up for himself and not allow himself to be bullied. The strategy worked, and when their child threatened to hit the boy who wanted to bite him another time, the biting boy got scared and stopped.

Another day, the young child came back home and reported that he was pushed by a girl in class. The father told him to tell the girl to stop pushing and if she refuses to stop, he should go ahead to report to the teacher. The Father warned him never to hit her or any other girl in school.
So the question is:
Where do we draw the line? At what point would you encourage your child to stand up for himself?
To what extent would you encourage your child to stand up for himself?
Should only the girl child be excluded from being hit by another child?
Write back to us and let’s know your view!!

Article by Becky Ediale. Becky manages a blog –Simply4teens. She is an MSc Public Health , A Social Impact Investor