Often, when we talk about fighting between parents, what comes to mind are the fists exchanged. While it is established that these affect a child in many ways, we must also consider the other side of fighting.
The other side of fighting is fighting without being physical, in the absence of objects or any kind of body harm, fist and blows. Having a shouting match played out in front of the children, or arguing back and forth (for parents who are quick to think that they do not shout), ignoring or snapping at one another, or expressing your frustration in front of your child. All these and many other seemingly harmless actions can affect children emotionally.
A little child saw his dad snap at his mother, and asked his dad, “What are you doing?” The father was so taken aback by the question that he realized that he was creating tension in the child.

The right emotional environment is important for the stability of children. As parents, it is very important to ensure that children are stable at home. When they experience stability in the home, they will feel confident in school and function optimally.
Creating a stable environment is also important for children to build a good and consistent fellowship to their parents. This helps them form strong bonds and are more likely to tell their parents every detail of what happens in their environment when they are away. When your child feels that they can trust you, they will talk to you, and this can make a world of difference in preventing abuse.
A stable environment also means that the child is learning the right ways to treat their future spouses. Backtrack a bit, and reflect on how the stability or instability of the home you grew up in now shapes majority of how you now treat your spouse.
A stable environment implies that a child does not feel the need to vent by bullying his or her classmate or friend. It also means that a child does not become timid and allow any form of abuse.


Article by Becky Ediale. Becky manages a blog –Simply4teens. She is an MSc Public Health , A Social Impact Investor