Literacy is a major problem in many communities in the sub-Saharan Africa particularly Nigeria as a country. Funda Wazi Book and Literacy event is an evidence-based interventions proposed to address low levels of literacy among children in disadvantaged circumstances.

The Book and Literacy day is a 2 day activity based program which takes place across public schools located in the less privileged area of Lagos State. At the program, free books, stationeries and notebooks are classified, sorted and distributed to children. Also children are read to by Authors and Role models. Other activities such as Character dramatization, Book cover making, Handling interviews etc. are carried out during the program.
The purpose of the program is to enhance the literary skills of students and inculcate in them good reading habits and ensuring that children develop adequate vocabulary and conceptual knowledge in the early years.

Over 5,000 copies of child friendly and interactive books that teach children how to learn and address social challenges affecting them have been distributed in indigent schools and communities across Lagos State, Nigeria with growing reports on the positive impact on children, parents and teachers alike.
The books distributed serves as resources that systematically challenge cultural and socio-economic barriers through a combination of community mobilization and prevent children from growing into stultified, ill-equipped adults.