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Children in Africa face a number of challenges that affect their growth and wellbeing.
Specifically physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children is still prevalent in African countries, and child trafficking and slavery is practiced in alarming numbers.

These types of abuse and violence against children are compounded by the inability of many parents, schools, government authorities and communities to proactively identify and address the systemic and other causes of violence against children.

UNICEF and other child rights organizations recommend that children school not be treated solely as victims in cases of violence and abuse against them, but that children should be equipped with information and tools to understand their sexuality, protect themselves, and prevent and report abuse or violence.



Funda Wazi introduces a new book written by its Founder: Boys & Girls are Different but Equal. This book will provide children with an early appreciation for gender equality and reduce the stereotypes and cultural limitations placed on the girl child in African societies

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